Edward Leidel Art

Paintings and Sculpture in St. Catharens, Niagara, Ontario,Canada

Paintings and Sculpture:> humorous, witty, amusing, lighthearted, fun, jolly, whimsical, creative, original, expressive

Welcome to my website.

Here you will see examples of original, humorous, modern, contemporary paintings and sculpture.

My paintings are for the most part abstract and relate to my feelings at the time of conception. They are painted with acrylic paint on 3/4" and 1 1/2" canvas. The edges are painted so no framing is required.

The larger geometric sculpture [consisting of points, lines and angles] made from folded aluminum, ideal for garden landscapes, patios or decks. The smaller sculptures can be placed inside or out.

The silhouette sculptures, although they are three dimensional are [a flat relief 3d sculptures] made of black oxide and painted and varnihed steel.

My wooden sculptures are suitable for a table top, mantelpiece, windowsill or a shelf and are entirely abstract. The are made of pine and spruce painted and varnished.

Example Work