Edward Leidel Art

Moderm, Minimalist, Abstract, Expressionist, Luminescent, Paintings:and Sculpture


I was born in Akron, Ohio, my family moved to St. Catharines when my father started a business here.

When I was in high school, my shop teacher and artist Campbell Scott got me interested in art. After graduation I began work as a carpenter with Newman Brothers General Contractors. I worked my way up to foreman, and put my artist self on hold. After nine years I went into a partnership installing millwork and opened a cabinet shop. After about one year, I bought my partner out and continued on my own for a number of years until I closed the business. I started with Family and Children's Services as a maintenance supervisor and retired as property manager in 2000.
Since my retirement I have been concentrating on my art, experimenting with mosaics, wood sculpture, acrylic painting, cast paper bas-relief sculptures.